Sunday, March 9, 2014

Radhey Shiam राधे श्याम

offering milk to Ganga
the devotee I had a beer with
last night

गंगा को दूध अर्पित करते
वह श्रद्धालु जिसके साथ बीयर पी थी
कल रात

the village belle
with cluster of lilies
I lose my senses

गाँव की सुन्दरी
लिली का एक गुच्छा लिये
मैं होश खो बैठा

the vast ocean
caught in a net of waves
roars and cries

सिन्धु विशाल
लहरों जाल फंसा
गर्जे तड़फे

opening a cupboard
the shells have adomed
the tears of clouds

कपाट खोल
सीपियो ने सजाये
मेघों के आंसू

the mountain breeze
tikles the forest
the valley resounds

हिमानी हवा
वन गुद गुदाती
घाटी गुंजाती

-Radhey Shiam / राधे श्याम

Radhey Shiam writes in English, Hindi and Urdu languages and has contributed to several Indian and foreign magazines. He is also a renowned artist.
Two haiku are in English and three in Hindi.

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