Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunil Uniyal सुनील उनियाल

mountains behind mountains
yet more mountains -
then haze beyond

पहाड़ों के पीछे
पहाड़ और पहाड़
फिर घटाटोप

a fog-filled dawn -
the pheasant forgets to sing
on the attic

कोहरे में सुबह -
भूल गये माना
अटारी पर

awakened at night -
somewhere far among the pines
the wind rustles

रात में नींद उचाटी -
दूर कहीं बजती है
चीड़ों में हवा

in the park
the row of amaltaas -
a yellow canopy

पार्क में
पंक्तिबध अमलतास -
पीत-वितान है तना

a poem written
after a long-long time -
a brahmakamal blooms

बहुत दिनों के बाद
लिखी कोई कविता
खिला ब्रह्म-कमल

-Sunil Uniyal / सुनील उनियाल

Sunil Uniyal is a post graduate in Ancient Indian History and Archaelogy and is presently working as an Under Secretary to the Government of India at New Delhi. He has been writing poems, both in Hindi and English, since his schooldays and haiku, especially, for the last 25 years. His haiku and his poems have also appeared in many national and international e-journals recently.
* The haiku and the translation into Hindi are by the author.

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