Sunday, October 6, 2013

Visnja McMaster विष्णा मक्रमास्टर

seasons merge
slowly - a passing butterfly
turns the switch

ऋतुएँ विलयन हुईं
धीरे से - एक गुजरती तितली
स्विच घुमा गई

what whispers, rose
into the ear of the cloud
driven by the wind?

क्या खुसफुसाता है गुलाब
बादल के कान में
हवा से भागते हुए

before birdsong
plum blossoms open
into the night

पक्षियो के गान से पहले
आलूचे के फूल खिले
रात में

within the heart
of a palm above the sea
the wind's talk

एक खजूर के पेड़ के हृदय में
समुद्र पर
हवा बातें करती

our dialogue whispered
by summer stars

हमारा वार्तालाप खुसफुसाया
ग्रीष्म के तारों ने

Visnja McMaster, is a teacher, inventor and entrepreneur, as well as a poet, translator and an editor, was born and educated in Zagreb, Croatia. She has been the president of the Association of Croatian Haiku Poets for 10 years.She is the inventor of a haiku teaching game, "Haiku cards", featured, among other places, in two NHK documentaries in Japan.

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