Sunday, October 6, 2013

Vidur Jyoti - विदुर ज्योति

blooming apples
the last of snowflakes
still surviving

सेब खिले
आखिरी हिमलव
अभी भी जीवित है

bare feet
on wet sands

नंगे पैर
गीली रेत पर
स्मरण कर रहा

crumbling walls
among age old bricks
a peepal grows

टूटती दीवारें
प्राचीन ईंटों के बीच
एक पीपल उग रहा

once again
only shadows
both of us

फिर से
केवल परछाइयाँ हैं
हम दोनों

first bloom
in my mango tree
a vacant nest

पहला बौर
मेरे आम के पेड़ में
एक खाली घोंसला

Vidur Jyoti, a surgeon by profession, got introduced to haiku while talking about some of his earlier writings with an eminent haijin. Since then he has enjoyed haiku as a medium to arrive at a synergy between the elements of life which he encounters during the course of his professional activities and the moments of meditative solitude.

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