Sunday, October 6, 2013

G Parimala Rao जी परिमाला राव

Playing around
In the gusty wind -
My candle mind
from my book ‘Birth of Hope’ (2000)

खेलते हुए
झोंकीली हवा में
मेरा मोमबत्ती सा मन

The following haiku are from my book ‘Seasons’ Heartbeat’ (2003)
Autumn leaves
Journey of color
Last breath of glory

पतझड़ के पत्ते
रंगों की यात्रा
आखिरी श्वास गौरव का

Snowfall -
Sleepless trees
Under chilly bed cover

हिमपात -
निद्राहीन पेड़
शीतित चादर के नीचे

In the cloud blanket
Winter moon
…Still cold

बादलों के कम्बल बीच
सर्दी का चंद्रमा
- अभी भी ठंडा

How many
In autumn trees
‘Still’, Journal of short verse, London

सूर्यास्त हैं
पतझड़ के पेड़ों में

G.R. Parimala Rao is a retired schoolteacher with interests in literature, philosophy and music. Her literary focus is on haiku, short stories with social or Zen themes and stories for children. Parimala has also experimented with Haiga involving Haiku and miniature paintings.

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