Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dr. Randy Brooks डॉ. रॅन्डी ब्रुक्स

school’s out -
a boy follows his dog
into the woods
Brussels Sprout, May 1988

स्कूल बन्द हो गया -
एक लड़का अपने कुत्ते के पीछे
चल पड़ा वन में

out of flour
her tracks through fresh snow
to a neighbor’s door

आटा खत्म हो गया
बर्फ में उसके पैरों के चिह्न
एक पड़ोसी के दरवाज़े तक

small town cafe
steam from a cup of coffee
as I sit down

छोटे से शहर का कॉफी हाऊस
कॉफी के कप से भाप
जैसे ही मैं बैठ जाता हूँ

grandma’s room
she remembers the puppy
but not my name

दादी माँ का कमरा
वह पिल्ले को याद रखती है
पर मेरा नाम को नहीं

silent night
her hands folded over
quickening twins

शांत रात
उसके हाथ के ऊपर एक
अपने अनुप्राणित जुड़वों पर

Dr. Randy Brooks directs the writing major at Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois where he teaches courses on the global haiku tradition. He and his wife, Shirley Brooks, are co-editors and publishers of Brooks Books, formerly High/Coo Press founded in 1976. They are editors of Mayfly magazine. Dr. Brooks is also web editor for Modern Haiku magazine and electronic media officer for the Haiku Society of America. He has won many awards for his haiku and the Harold G. Henderson Award in 1998. His collection of selected haiku, School's Out, was published in 1999 by Press Here.

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