Sunday, October 6, 2013

Denis Garrison डेनिस गैरिसन

small wave
takes back the driftwood...
on the dock, your smile

छोटी सी लहर
लौटा ले गई अपवाहित काष्ठ-
नौघाट पर, तुम्हारी मुस्कान

bitter wind
bare plum trees cry out
in their sleep

कठोर हवा
नंगी आलूचे के पेड़ रो उठे
अपनी नींद में

in from the woodpile
night wind under my shirt
stays with me

लकड़ी के ढेर से अंदर आते
रात की हवा मेरी कमीज़ के नीचे
मेरे साथ ही रहती है

so clear, so pale...
ah! what you have seen

इतना साफ, इतना मंद-
आह! क्या कुछ तुमने देखा है

incense rising
through falling snow
the wind’s soft song

महक उठ रही
हिमपात के बीच से
हवा का कोमल गीत

Denis M. Garrison lives by the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. A poet, editor, and publisher (Haiku Harvest, Modern English Tanka, Atlas Poetica), his poetry is widely published in journals and in anthologies. His own books include Hidden River, Eight Shades of Blue, Sailor in the Rain and Other Poems and Fire Blossoms : The Birth of Haiku Noir. See

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