Sunday, October 6, 2013

Alan Summers- एलेन सर्म्मस

low over the hill
a red moon waxes ...
the empty road ahead

पहाड़ी के नज़दीक
एक लाल चंद्रमा बढ़ रहा -
खाली मार्ग है आगे

mist haze -
a crow cleans its beakon
a rooftop aerial

धुँधला कुहासा
एक कौआ चोंच साफ कर रहा
छत के एरियल पर

open window
the cat dozes
half in half out

खुली खिड़की
एक बिल्ली ऊँघ रही
आधी अंदर आधी बाहर

cool morning
bird song
light on a distant cloud

ठंडी प्रात:काल
पक्षियों का गाना
दूरस्थ बादल पर प्रकाश

almost lost
in the shimmer of water
several ducklings

लगभग खो से गये
पानी की चमचमाहट में
कई बत्तख के बच्चे

Alan Summers is a Japan Times Award-winning haiku poet .He was poet-in-residence for the Festival of Nature 2004, the U.K.’s largest natural history festival; and his 2006 city centre café residency was mentioned in the Lonely Planet’s Guide to Great Britain. He runs With Words ( which is a literary and literacy organization and is the Judge for the With Words Online Haiku Competition.

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